A mostrar mensagens de Novembro, 2015

Who is a good boy?

When our dogs do something different, fun, nice or unexpectedly nice, we tend to have one, two or a whole bunch of nice things to say to them.
If you are anything like me you are prone to give them full motivational speeches when you see them do something we consider great.
Just the other day, Joel, my BC, caught a ball that bounced in a weird way on the wall and did a strange turn; he managed to turn his body just in time to grab the ball in the air. I was so amazed, even though I have seen similar moves done by him by the hundreds, I instantly shouted a “Nice one, you are such a smart boy” followed by a stupid grin and several “who is the good boy?” whilst rubbing his back. Then back to tossing balls.
My pitbull X Safira is drowned in cuddles, back rubs and words of love, when she falls asleep next to me and starts making cute noises. I cannot resist her at all, she is old, with white hairs all over her face and incredibly cute in ways I cannot describe.
I do admit I might be “too” cu…